Freepik Authentic Photos: Celebrating Human Authenticity in a World of AI

In a world increasingly driven by artificial intelligence (AI), the new Freepik campaign, “Freepik Authentic Photos,” stands out for its celebration of human authenticity. With over 20 million photographs on their website, Freepik is not only a repository of images but also an innovator in generative AI, as seen with Pikaso.

Emphasizing Authenticity and Originality

The core of the campaign lies in Freepik’s commitment to authenticity and originality. This is evident in their recent installation of a giant billboard in San Francisco, where they also have offices in addition to their headquarters in Malaga, Spain. The campaign extends to social media, featuring images that encapsulate the essence of daily life.

Human Experiences in a World of AI

At a time when AI-generated content is on the rise, Freepik’s focus on real human experiences and genuine moments is refreshing. It highlights the value of human creativity and emotions, which can often be overlooked in AI-generated results.

Connecting with a Tech-Savvy Audience

Freepik’s use of humor to connect with its audience is a clever strategy. Phrases like “Not A, just I,” “You can’t prompt the fun of being with true friends,” and “Full Journey” resonate with users familiar with AI’s technicalities, creating a deeper connection.

Embracing AI to Amplify Creativity

Despite acquiring EyeEm, a company specializing in AI, Freepik’s goal is not to replace human creativity but to enhance it. Tools like Pikaso and Slidesgo’s text-to-image AI demonstrate their exploration of how AI can amplify human creativity rather than diminish it.


Freepik’s “Freepik Authentic Photos” campaign is a testament to the enduring value of human creativity and authenticity. In a world where AI is increasingly prevalent, Freepik reminds us of the irreplaceable nature of real human experiences and emotions captured in photographs.


Q: What is the Freepik Authentic Photos campaign about? A: The campaign celebrates human authenticity and originality in a world dominated by artificial intelligence.

Q: How is Freepik using humor in its campaign? A: Freepik uses humorous phrases to connect with its audience, especially those familiar with AI’s technicalities.

Q: What tools has Freepik developed in relation to AI? A: Freepik has developed tools like Pikaso and Slidesgo’s text-to-image AI, aiming to amplify human creativity.

Q: Why is the Freepik campaign relevant today? A: The campaign underscores the value of real human experiences and emotions, which are often lost in AI-generated content.

Q: How can users engage with the Freepik Authentic Photos campaign? A: Users can visit the campaign page on to view the pieces and engage with the content.

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