Dismantling a Mobile Phone: A Nokia G22 Review

In recent years, Nokia has made significant strides towards sustainability, particularly with its Nokia G22 smartphone. This device is not only easy to repair but also provides a glimpse into a future where electronics are more user-friendly and environmentally conscious. I had the opportunity to personally dismantle a Nokia G22 and change its battery, an experience that left me impressed with Nokia’s approach.

The Nokia G22: A Sustainable Choice

The Nokia G22 is a mid-range smartphone crafted from plastic, offering a soft-touch exterior that belies its repairability. Unlike many modern smartphones, the G22 lacks visible screws or obvious points of disassembly. However, this phone is designed with repair in mind, as I discovered during my hands-on experience.

Nokia G22 Disassembly

Disassembly Made Easy

Equipped with an iFixit tool kit, I began the disassembly process by carefully removing the back cover. Despite initial appearances, the cover was attached with a flexible cable, designed to prevent breakage during removal. This attention to detail was evident throughout the disassembly, with every component seemingly designed to facilitate repair without damage.

Changing the Battery: A Quick Process

The most remarkable aspect of the Nokia G22’s design is its battery replacement process, which took me less than five minutes. After removing the case and disconnecting the flex from the fingerprint reader, I freed the space for the battery flex cable. With a simple levering motion, I released the battery tab and replaced the old battery with a new one. The process was straightforward and required no special tools or excessive force.

Nokia G22 Disassembly

A Phone for Everyone

Having repaired numerous phones in the past, I can attest to the simplicity of the Nokia G22’s design. It eliminates common repair challenges such as stubborn adhesives or intricate disassembly procedures. Despite its simplicity, the G22 maintains IP52 splash protection, ensuring durability without sacrificing repairability.

iFixit Tool and Spare Parts Kit


The Nokia G22 sets a new standard for smartphone repairability and sustainability. Its user-friendly design and easy repair process make it a standout choice for those who value eco-conscious electronics. As I changed the battery, I couldn’t help but appreciate the thoughtfulness behind Nokia’s approach to smartphone design.


  1. Can anyone dismantle and repair the Nokia G22? Yes, the Nokia G22 is designed to be easily dismantled and repaired by anyone.
  2. Does the Nokia G22 require special tools for repair? No, the Nokia G22 can be repaired using basic tools included in the iFixit tool kit.
  3. Is the Nokia G22 environmentally friendly? Yes, the Nokia G22 is designed with sustainability in mind, making it a greener choice compared to many other smartphones.
  4. Can the battery of the Nokia G22 be replaced easily? Yes, changing the battery of the Nokia G22 is a quick and simple process that can be done in minutes.
  5. Does the Nokia G22 sacrifice durability for repairability? No, the Nokia G22 maintains IP52 splash protection while being easy to repair.

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