7 gifts that your partner does not expect and that you will surely get right

Valentine's Day Gifts

Valentine’s Day is coming and surely you are thinking about giving your partner the usual… A cologne, a photo frame, some flowers or some chocolates. but you can be more original and more practical and leave romanticism aside to give something more interesting. So if you have just enough time and you haven’t thought about anything, we leave you five gifts that your partner is not expecting and that you will surely get right.

If you want to be a little more original and leave aside the usual chocolates that you give to your partner, you can bet on these ideas for Valentine’s Day.

Huawei WATCH GT 4: time, better with you

An essential item that cannot be missing from any gift list is a smartwatch. And it may also be one of the best valentine gifts What you can do this year. A symbolic way of transmitting to the other that desire to spend more time together. On this occasion we have selected one of the favorites: the Huawei Watch GT 4 is an excellent option that you can get now at a discount. We can buy it in two different sizes If you want in 41 millimeters or 46 millimeters and is available in a wide variety of colors: gold, silver, with a brown leather strap…

A modern watch with up to two weeks of battery life so you don’t have to worry about the charger for many days. Compatible with Android and iOS we can have improved health management 24 hours a day and a professional training assistant, in addition to a smart assistant where you will see all the calls received, messages received on your mobile phone, etc.

A 1.32-inch full-color screen with all types of spheres that you can exchange. More than 25,000 watch faces different ones that adapt to your rhythms and your needs, to your activities. And where you will see data from a watch capable of measuring all types of sports, but also that allows you to track your sleep and rest.

Huawei watch

Google Chromecast with Google TV: series embraced

Another way to enjoy as a couple is to catch up with all the series and movies on streaming platforms and the Google Chromecast is an excellent option for this. You will be able to enjoy the best times together with a device that allows us to connect to the Internet from any TV and make our TV ‘smart’ to use all the apps we use daily.

We can buy it in different colors and the Chromecast with Google TV allows us to download all the streaming apps that we use on a daily basis. We will be able to see Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, HBO Max, Disney+, Filmin, Atresplayer and the majority of services available in Spain to which we are subscribed.

Plus, it works with voice control through the device control and it has a comfortable and easy-to-use interface for any user where it will unify all the content and recommendations on the same screen and make it very easy for us to enjoy anything we want to watch as a couple.

A Polaroid to collect moments

What better way to collect memories as a couple than with an instant camera. And if you don’t know which one to bet on, the Polaroid Now is one of the best on the market thanks to the fact that it follows the classic design, but with current and advanced technology. It costs around 120 euros and is available in many different colors (yellow, black, red, pink, green, white…)

Polaroid camera

It’s the same old camera, the one your parents or grandparents had, but with improved technology. With autofocus and sharp colors, with double-frame exposure, self-timer or flash for quality results. We take the photo we like and the Polaroid will automatically print it so that we have a beautiful and original memory of any place we go on vacation.

A massage gun for our relaxing moments

A massage gun is another of the best gifts you can give your partner for Valentine’s Day. It’s perfect for after training but it also helps us relax after work, take care of our health and feel better about any possible ailment. There are many models and most of them have different nozzles and heads that will adapt to different parts of the body or allow us to use them depending on the type of massage we want to receive.

Mebak’s is a good option, for less than 100 euros. A deep massager with all kinds of accessories. It includes eight different massage heads to adjust to each part of the body or have a greater or lesser intensity. And the gun has five different speeds between 1800 and 3000 rpm depending on the force that each user can and wants to withstand in each situation.

Divoom Pixoo: our memories, always in sight

If you want something original and different, the Divoom Pixoo is a digital photo frame with light control and where we can display any image we want. A smart decorative lamp that allows us to project our images with pixels on it. We can leave drawings and messages to our partner and get an original design in any situation or on any day, everyone being different.

We can control the smart lamp from a free app for Android or iOS and it is very easy to configure. Furthermore, another advantage is that not only is it a smart lamp where we can add the drawings we want, but it can also show the temperature outside or the weather or we can use it as a different and original alarm clock. A gadget that will surprise your partner this Valentine’s Day if you want to go for something different and decorate your home.

An Amazon Alexa: let’s multiply our plans

If a digital frame is not enough for us, we can go to a more modern and current option like an Amazon Echo Show with a screen that allows us many different functions. One of them is that we can turn it into a photo frame with all our favorite images adorning the display in the living room, bedroom or kitchen and storing all the memories in one place at home. But it has many other functions such as controlling home automation and linked video cameras, listening to music from the speaker, playing videos and movies or asking Alexa what we want.

Echo Show 8

There are many models available and choosing between one or the other will depend on the size we want or the budget we want to have for our Valentine’s gift. Some of them, like the Amazon Echo Show 15, offer us a huge 5.6-inch screen that we can place vertically or horizontally. horizontal and with integrated Fire TV.

A Nintendo Switch: shared hobbies

Playing the Nintendo Switch together is one of the best things you can do as a couple and there are many games that you can enjoy testing your strength and your union. The Nintendo Switch will make us enjoy good times alone or with friends and we will be able to cooperate with titles like Overcooked! Or Moving Out in addition to others like Super Mario Kart or the Pokémon with which you can enjoy together.

nintendo switch

It is a different, original and fun gift that you are going to take advantage of and that you can take advantage both at home and away thanks to the fact that the console has the option of using it on the desktop with the TV but also a portable version to take everywhere.

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