How to Get a Free Twitch Subscription with Amazon Prime

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Amazon is much more than an e-commerce store. The company offers other services, including Twitch, a live streaming platform that Jeff Bezos’ company bought in 2014. By subscribing to Amazon Prime, users can benefit from a free subscription in said application every month. However, this advantage for premium customers is very hidden and, with the latest changes to the brand, it has been hidden even more.

Challenges Faced by Spanish Streamers

Several Spanish streamers who use Twitch have complained that it’s getting more and more complicated for users to subscribe through Prime. The new platform change hides the function to resubscribe to a channel, something that affects content creators who turn to this live streaming platform to connect with their audience live.

Alexelcapo, with more than a million followers on the platform, considers that “subscribing with Prime [a Twitch] “It’s a video game.” For his part, Illojuan, with more than four million, said in one of his last live shows that it is a matter of time before this premium Amazon advantage stops being available. “At some point, Prime is going to disappear, what these people want is ads,” said the man from Malaga.

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Subscribing with prime is a minigame.

– You have to click on “Subscribe again”
– Then in “Improve subscription”
– And then in “Use PRIME subscription”

Along the way many people will not find it or they will do what Twitch wants, make you pay 🚬

Long live Twitch.

March 20, 2024 • 15:12


How to Subscribe to a Twitch Channel for Free with Prime

Previously, Amazon Prime subscribers only had to log into the web platform or the Twitch app to use their free monthly subscription with their favorite streamer. There, the Prime subscription button appeared directly. For some time now, the process to benefit from this premium feature is much more complex.

Alexelcapo, in his publication, has given a brief summary of what needs to be done, but in ADSLZone, we explain it to you in greater detail. The first step is to have an Amazon Prime account and register on Twitch, which will necessarily have to be with the same email that is used to pay for the premium version of the e-commerce. But, in addition, you must also log in with your Amazon account on Prime Gaming.

  1. Click on “Subscribe again”.
  2. Then in “Improve subscription”.
  3. And then in “Use PRIME subscription”.
Twitch Prime subscription banner

Once the above is done, the Prime Gaming search bar does not show the Twitch subscription option, so you will have to scroll down the main interface until you find the banner to this advantage (it is like the one in the image below). You will be able to identify what that function is because it is purple and the Twitch logo appears. Additionally, the following message is written: “Support your favorite Twitch streamers with a monthly channel subscription.” If you still can’t find it, click on this link and continue reading this article to find out what more steps you will need to take.

By clicking ‘More Info’ on the Prime Gaming banner, the page will be redirected to a section enabled to link to Twitch. To do this, you must click on ‘Connect to a Twitch account’. Amazon will recommend that you add the account you have registered with the same email as the account that pays for Prime. In this step, you just have to select ‘Confirm’ and reload the website of the channel of the streamer you want to subscribe to.

After completing all the steps mentioned, you will have to click on the ‘Subscribe’ button to display all the available options and check the ‘Use Prime subscription’ box. Finally, all you have to do is click on ‘Subscribe with Prime’.

Prime Twitch Subscription

It is important to note that you must carry out this process every month (on the day you subscribed). Otherwise, you will no longer be subscribed to your favorite streamer’s channel. This has certain advantages, since you can easily choose a different content creator each month. However, it is a disadvantage for those who are dedicated to doing direct because not everyone knows that they must constantly resubscribe.

The most recent change to Prime, which further obscures the subscription process, has to do with the process of re-subscribing each month. According to Alexelcapo, users must click on ‘Resubscribe’, then ‘Upgrade subscription’ and, thus, they have access to ‘Use Prime subscription’.


In conclusion, while Amazon has hidden the free Twitch subscription with Prime, it is still possible to use this benefit by following the steps outlined above. Although the process may be more complex now, with a little effort, users can continue to support their favorite Twitch streamers without additional cost.


Q1: Can I still subscribe to a Twitch channel for free with Amazon Prime? A1: Yes, you can still subscribe to a Twitch channel for free with Amazon Prime, but the process has become more complex.

Q2: Do I need to have an Amazon Prime account to use the free Twitch subscription? A2: Yes, you need to have an Amazon Prime account to use the free Twitch subscription.

Q3: Can I choose a different Twitch streamer to subscribe to each month? A3: Yes, you can easily choose a different Twitch streamer to subscribe to each month using your free Prime subscription.

Q4: Why has Amazon made it more difficult to subscribe to Twitch channels with Prime? A4: Amazon’s decision to hide the free Twitch subscription with Prime may be part of their strategy to increase revenue or streamline their services.

Q5: Is there a way to automate the resubscription process on Twitch with Prime? A5: Unfortunately, there is currently no way to automate the resubscription process on Twitch with Prime. Users must manually resubscribe each month.

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